>>  This is a plea for help. Here is the situation:
>[situation snipped]
>>  My belief is that the LAMP type route provides a very cost effective,
>>  portable and scalable solution but I concede that bigger backends are
>>  needed for volume transaction systems.
>Funnily enough I am about half way through an article for the new
>www.onlamp.com site that is quite relevant to your situation. I'll whip
>myself to get it finished soon.
>>  The help I need is in answering some questions:
>>  What big corporates are using perl in web development and
>>  how/for what ?
>Lots. In the last couple of weeks alone I've run across one operating stock
>exchange heavily built around Perl, and the content management system /
>e-marketplace hubstorm (www.hubstorm.com) is almost entirely Perl based.
>Neither are trivial applications, although I don't vouch for how effective
>they are or if Perl was the right tool to use.
As one of the requirements listed was content management you can 
through in the BBC, especially the interactive telly division. Heck, 
they even gave a presentation at YAPC::Europe.

And of course BBC Online is predominantly Perl.

Neil C. Ford
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