> From: Michael Stevens [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Tools -> Options -> Preferences -> E-mail Options
> (This is Microsoft Outlook 2000 SR-1 Corporate or Workgroup)

Outlook 98 and Outlook Express also have this feature. Outlook 97 (my
current employer's choice) doesn't (so the above quoting is manually
inserted - I should be thankful that the Exchange server here is at least
configured to squash HTML/RTF email into plain text).

It may be heresy to admit it around here (come on then MuttCarroll!), but I
actually quite like Outlook Express (as distinct from Outlook) as a mail
client. Once it's configured to disable scripting etc. it's biggest flaw,
aside from its provenance in Redmond, is that it doesn't seem possible to
disable the display of HTML email - which is kind of annoying given the
opportunity this offers to spammers etc. to track the display of email.
Maybe it's not so good after all ;-)


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