On Thu, Mar 22, 2001 at 12:05:11PM -0500, Dave Cross wrote:

> I'm guessing that the author of Date::MMDDYY went for dashes rather
> than slashes because the string was going to be used in a filename.

I never had a problem with it using dashes, just with everything else.

> I emailed the author today with a list of his errors. I pointed out 
> that I was doing him a favour as he was becoming the laughing stock of 
> the Perl community. I forgot to mention that it was me who brought the
> module to the attention of the Perl community :x
> Dave...
> [who, on reflection, may be getting a bit _too_ bitchy]

Naah.  You're doing him a favour.  You're trying to help him. <cough>

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