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> > [buying a hard disk]

> Anyone know of any good sources of cheap, BIG hard disks atm?  Like in the
> 70 to 100Gb range, IDE?  Speed not an issue, reliability is as these are
> for my server.  I need^Wwant six, and would rather not pay the 250-odd quid

for reliability you want scsi .. ever wondered why scsi costs more? .. 
the drives are generally built to a better spec.

when it comes to servers for speed you want scsi ...esp under linux ..
(ISTR that the 2.4 kernel will have ultra-ata 66 support ..  prior to
that you just get basic IDE AFAIK)

scsi multithreads, IDE doesn't.. this makes quite a difference on
multi-process applications .. esp. servers

when a scsi device goes down it often leaves the bus usable, when an IDE
goes down it usually kills the other drive its master/slave to. Its not
uncommon for the other port of the usually integrated IDE controller to
hang at this point. If you are going to use multiple IDE try and hang
them all as masters on as many controller cards as you can .. this can be
a problem with PC architecture .. ( whose bright idea was it that 16
interrupts would be enough then ?) but if reliabilty really is important
its the way to go. (after scsi, natch :)

Robin Szemeti

The box said "requires windows 95 or better"
So I installed Linux!

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