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> No, the drives are frequently exactly the same mechanics with a different
> board.  Anyway, by reliable I mean "not sold by some dodgy bloke in a
> computer fair who threw them down the stairs a few times" and.  AFAICT SCSI
> costs more because you're paying for the 'brand'.
> Naah, it's a personal server, which I should probably have pointed out.
> It has one user - me - and is used mainly for backups and for burning CDs.

right .. got it .. I thought you meant the 'must run for 10,000 hrs, hot
swap PSU's and a generator outside' type reliability .. you jsut mean
'don;t fall over every week' sort of reliability .. 

Usually when people talk about servers with 600 gigabytes of data its
fair to assume that their will be a considerable load on them, clearly
thats not the case here .. so I'm sure IDE will be just fine.

Pity, I know of some very nice rack mount RAID solutions with
fibrechannel  architecture  and up to a terrabyte in 3U ... sure you can;t
be tempted ? ;)

Robin Szemeti

The box said "requires windows 95 or better"
So I installed Linux!

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