From: "Chris Devers" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> At 10:15 AM 27.3.2001 +0100, Robert Sheils wrote:
> >I have an original bondi-blue iMac, running MACOS9 at the moment, with
> >32Mb RAM. I was in an Apple shop at the weekend and found that a 128Mb
> >upgrade and OSX will only set me back about 200gbp. I was assured that
> >all my OS9 applications will still work (my wife uses Clarisworks for WP,
> >and the kids play their games), does anyone know if this is the case.
> I've got about the same setup, but with 64 mb. It's really slow for me,
though not as bad as the public beta was. Running it with 128 or more would
definitely be adviseable.
Thanks for everyone's advice on this, as an inveterate bit-fiddler, I will
probably go for the whole package just so I can play with everything. My
family can just boot it into OS9 for their stuff.

One more thing, is my 4Gb drive enough...


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