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> At Wed, 28 Mar 2001 15:38:51 +0200, Philip Newton 
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> > Has anyone else heard anything about yapc::Europe::19101?
> Yeah. Dates and venues and stuff have been announced. And there was 
> a CFP. It's all on <http://www.yapc.org/Europe/>.

I know. Thing is, what's there is pretty much limited to what you summed up
in two sentences.

> > ISTR dimly that last year around this time you lot were 
> > further down the road in organising things than what I see now. 
> I really don't think that's true. My memory is that nothing was
> organised until about July. I may be romanticising tho' :)

That may be right :). Still, it *felt* further down the road, I think.
Probably because I could see things happening (or not happening -->
ic.ac.uk) and didn't just have to sit there hoping things would work out all

(However, I do remember not having much tangible to show my boss until quite
late -- especially times and subjects of papers.)

> They were talking about resurrecting the existing public list. Feel
> free to post questions to it and see if you get a response.

Hm. 'll have to try that.

> > Decided where you're going to stay yet?
> Nah. That's months away :)

Yabbut only four months. I guess hotels tend to fill up, and airlines like
you to book well in advance, too.

I'll try the yapc-europe list and see what happens.

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