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> First question - is the second if statement in a separate block?
> Second question - is your server using mod_perl?

nope ... not yet, but thats the intention.

> If the answer to both those questions is yes, then mod_perl is doing something nasty 
>with closures and your blocks/subs.
> Try passing $q around as a parameter - that usually solves the problem.
> Alternatively, if you don't mind using the standard interface, then use that.

indeed $q is passed about as a parameter .. its the same 'q' thats handed

its weird how just not doing the 'if defined' test on it directly makes
that happen ..  if you have more than one value assigned to a parameter
does it return the next on on the list when you call it next time?

hmm .. more investigation needed :) .. just remebered data::dumper is my
freind .. 

Robin Szemeti

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So I installed Linux!

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