This is the eleventh of hopefully many weekly summaries of the London
Perl Mongers mailing list. For the week starting 2001-04-02:

Don't forget the website for meetings etc. The next social
meeting is on Thursday at the Anchor on Bankside, where Dave Cross
will give away a copy of Lincoln Stein's "Network Programming with
Perl" to the person who asks in the nicest manner. The next technical
meeting is on Thursday April 19th:

This week was fairly random, mainly because of April Fool's Day. I
released a silly Buffy module (which, a la Bleach, converts modules
into "BUffY bUFFY BUffY bUFFY bUfFy buffy..."), with example decss
code. Schwern released DNA ("CCAA CCAA AAGT CAGT TCCT CGCT..."), mjd
released SuperPython ("              ..."), and David Cantrell released
(late) Pony, a converter to "a lovely ASCII-art rendition of a pony".
O'Reilly broke news about Parrot, a merging of Perl and Python:

Rather more importantly, Dave Cross pointed out that Damian Conway has
gone through the Perl 6 RFCs and guessed what Perl 6 might be
like. Nathan Torkington announced that Larry Wall has finally released
the first part of his Perl 6 plans, starting with the first
Apocalypse. Read these two articles if you want to know where Perl is
going: hit NTK with the old pimb gag:

Robert Shiels asked for a good example of how to keep business and
presentation logic seperate. Dave Hodkinson replied that Template
Toolkit will help a lot. A new version of Template Toolkit came out
this week, with new features (and unfortunately some small bugs):

Greg McCarroll, who posted far too often this week, is storming along
on the Perl Certification (see new list). He also posted
anti-Scientology rants on the list to try and get it banned, and
started a huge thread about blowing things up with "Did you all know
that i used to blow up pressurised butane cannisters as a child?". He
also suggested organising a camp out with cider, a camp fire, drinking
and talking (or maybe a cottage in Wales):

Dave Hodgkinson tried to get us to join the Jedi religion and make it
an officially-recognised one:

Jo Walsh wants Dave Cross to organise a trip to see the camel at London zoo:

Martin Ling delurked and couldn't believe we were all nutters and
Buffy fans. David Adler added "drunks". Jonathan Stowe added
"skateboarders, musicians". Lucy McWilliam (who has very amusing
taglines) added "geeks, goths, jugglers, Netscis. And that's just
me". Paul Makepeace added "unicyclist". Greg McCarroll added "drunk
crazy buffy fans".

And finally, Jo Walsh asked if Perl version 5.6.1 would be out
soon. It's gone gold, but don't tell anyone. In other news, the Perl
5.7 pumpkin, Jarkko Hietaniemi (which we can all pronounce correctly,
thanks to Damian), is making appearances in "Black & White", a new god
game, everywhere:

Leon Brocard.............................

... AAaaeee wizzaaardsah staaafff has a knobontheend, knobontheend

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