I'm trying to install the Tk module on a Win32 system (I realise this is
where my mistake lies, however, leaving that aside...). The docs say to:

perl Makefile.PL
nmake test 
nmake install_perl

Which seems to presume the presence of nmake as part of either an MS C or
Borland C compiler setup. There's also mention of it being possible to build
it with MinGW (a Minimalist GCC type setup for Windows), however this
doesn't come with nmake (and it's own make barfs on the TK makefile).

I haven't had much luck Googling for docs on how to install Tk on Win32
using MinGW (or any other approach that involves having a commercial Windows
C compiler), other than a fleeting reference to 'head scratching' - so any
help or pointers or insights you can offer will be appreciated.


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