> From: Robert Shiels [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Also, if you have any firewall problems, or a fast link at work and a
> slow dialup at home

Thanks again - I got it installed okay (no firewall probs). The laughable
thing is that I have a fast link at home[1] and a slow ISDN at work (soon to
be upgraded to a 128Kbps leased line I hear - woohoo! ;-)

The upside of working beyond the reach of ADSL (out at Harleyford, near
Marlow) is the beautiful countryside, with lunchtime walks by the Thames and
through the woods (although the FMD outbreak hasn't helped this). This and
the perpetually uplifting birdsong just outside the office.


[1] Did I tell you how fast ADSL is Greg? :-)

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