> <quote>
> Installing CPAN modules requires that you have Microsoft DevStudio or
> nmake.exe installed.  If you are installing modules that contain xs files,
> then you need DevStudio, otherwise you only need nmake.exe.
> You can download nmake from
> . Run the self-extracting exe and copy nmake.exeto the perl\bin directory.
> </quote>

Thanks for the tip. I tried this before bothering the list with my query
(which was itself rendered redundant with the helpful suggestion of
ActiveState's ppm's).

I didn't put the MS nmake in the perl\bin dir (this doesn't strike me as
significant). When I ran it it chuntered away happily on the Tk makefile for
a while, and then stopped, looking for a program called 'cl' - presumably a
c linker. There are 25 xs files in the Tk distribution, so I guess this is
where that approach went wrong.

Thanks again all,


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