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It goes a little further than that. Cars are now consumer devices; but
if you were deploying a fleet of new company vans, you wouldn't expect
the random office guy who'd read a dummies book to maintain them - you'd
hire a mechanic.

Hmmm.. You're suggesting that the mechanic is a well trained engineer who 
knows all about cars, while companies are trying to get away with using 
pimply faced youths who've just read a book or got an MCP to maintain 
computers on the cheap. Your average mechanic follows instructions on a 
computer that tells him what part number to use to replace the faulty item. 
The act of replacing simply involves known what size socket wrench to use, 
and remembering where to attach the wires and hoses afterwards.

The average bottom rung mechanic knows as much about cars as the average 
bottom rung tech support guy knows about computers.

The difference is that the mechanic can't get a job without his NVQ, 
whereas the PFY can get a job without his MCP.

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