On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 01:53:27PM -0600, Nathan Torkington wrote:
> Leon Brocard writes:
> > Coo, coo, see the fabled perl6, remark how it looks just like perl5,
> > wonder if anything's different and if there's a point to all this ;-)
> Jihad on Leon, anyone? :-)
> perl6 is supposed to look a lot like perl5.  If it didn't, we'd call
> it Python or something like that.  The interesting bits are where it
> doesn't look like perl5 (optional types!  operator and variable
> properties!  new built-in porn!).

I read that article and surprised myself (as self-styled curmudgeony
old status-quo bastard) that I'm really looking forward to perl6. The
-> to .  conversion and automatic reference taking will be a wonderful


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