* Leon Brocard ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Coo, coo, see the fabled perl6, remark how it looks just like perl5,
> wonder if anything's different and if there's a point to all this ;-)

Blasphemy ahead ..........

I don't think Perl 6 can be a tremendous leap forward, not because
of RFC's along the lines of `Perl must stay Perl', but because
the next leap forward is VisualPerl which will be as much about
IDE as core language. Now lets not get hung up on the IDE bit
of that statement, its more about how people build programs
than the interface they use, the IDE merely focuses them towards
a certain methodology of building software.

And just to complete my final blasphemy, Visual Basic, may have
a shit language behind it, it may have performance problems, 
it may be very limited and may force you to implement the guts
as of any serious program you write as C/C++ DLLs but
is still the most impressive implementation of a programming 
language/dialect that I have ever seen, barring one or two
domain specific languages, such as the visualisation software
which I have forgotten the name of.

Greg `the heretic' McCarroll

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