You might want to check out:

Arron's Autodia -

It's not quite at the stage I think you are after
but I've lost track of what it can and can't do.
Last I heard they were putting it up to be
an candidate in the elections (actually, it's probably
more intelligent than one of them!).

Though the DB stuff might have been a conversation
about GraphViz.. woo.. so many choices :)


N.B> NOT starting the election thread again!

On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 06:32:52AM +0000, Greg Cope wrote:

> I have no DB schema, and as such could dump the SQL schema (via
> mysqldump) - and I was wondering if there was a super thing that could
> translate the create table stuff into a diagram I could print, and then
> look at ???? If this worked on Linux and involved perl and Dia then it
> would be fab.

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