On 31/05/2001 at 17:41 +0100, Mark Fowler wrote:

>You really only have to change LeftOf and RightOf to switch the monitors
>around (which I did last time I moved desk as I went from having one
>monitor to the left of the primary console monitor to having one monitor
>to the right.)
>You can't do that in Windows.  Ha.

Are you sure?

Anyway, you've been able to do multiple monitors in Mac OS since 6
point something tiny. With as many monitors as you can get cards for
(theoretically, I think there are ways of doing about 20.) And all with
an idiotproof pointy clicky interface. Ha ha.

And it copes when you make a laptop go from dual-head back to running
on the internal screen- all the windows just move back. (Under OS 9,

Aha ha ha!

Sorry. I'll drink some more Unix kool aid in a minute.

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