Welcome to the London Community News.
Details are for the month of June 2001.

The User Groups:
London Perl Mongers
Home Page: http://www.london.pm.org
Contact Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

London PM are a group who are dedicated to the encouragement of all things
Perl-like in London.

London PM have two meetings this month, the usual social meeting and a
technical meeting. The social meeting is on 7th June 2001 from about 6:30.
The location has not been confirmed yet so keep an eye on the web site.

The technical meeting is on the 21/06/01 and you should keep an eye on the
website (http://london.pm.org/WhatDo.shtml) for the venue and details of
the speakers.

Home Page: http://www.lonix.org.uk/
Contact Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The aim of Lonix is quite straightforward although it comprises of
many points. The overall aim is to unite many Linux individuals in and
around London. Below is a list of aims, but you as a member may not
agree to all of them. (Hopefully at least one!)

Meet like minded individuals to share ideas and discuss opinions.
To provide a Linux force in London to persuade the industry to opt
for a more Linux friendly approach to their services and products.
To assist users with problems, providing advice and physical help.
Linux advocacy

Date: Wednesday 6th June at 6.00pm.
Place: Los Locos 24/26 Russell Street, Covent Garden, WC2
Nearest Tube: Covent Garden
Contact: 020 8992 7008 - (On the day 07980 160 045)
Web Site: www.los-locos.co.uk (Tel 020 7379 0220)
Map: on site above  

Also available this month are the new limited edition Lonix polo shirts.
Designed in the new 2 colour logo and are on black. The only run of the
previous design (At the Linux expo last year) sold within hours so now you
have another reason to turn up early.

For more details of the monthly meetings you can look here:

Home Page: http://gllug.linux.co.uk/

Greater London Linux User Group's (GLLUG) purpose is to bring together
London's Linux users so they can share experiences and expertise (or
revel in their inexperience and quest for expertise), to chat about
the state of the (Linux) world, that sort of thing.

We try to arrange meets so that there is space for users to set up
their equipment, so you are welcome to bring your kit along, either to
go through the problems you are having or just to show off what you
are up to.

There are no formalities to attending a GLLUG meeting, no subscription
or entry fees, you can just turn up on the day. We welcome and
encourage new and inexperienced users, young and old.

Due to the high turnout GLLUG meetings are less frequent than the
other user groups, you can get notification of the next meeting either
on the home page or through this mail :)

This months GLLUG meeting has not had a date confirmed yet so keep an eye
on the website, its the last one for the Summer so you don't want to miss

Home Page: http://www.sage-wise.org/
Map: http://www.sage-wise.org/lecture/directions.html

SAGE-WISE is the System Administrators Guild for Wales, Ireland,
Scotland and England, hence the "-WISE" suffix. Our aim is to form a
professional association for system administrators in the UK and

But what is a system administrator?

Professional system administrators, however, often look after large
numbers of computers and networks - they are the people who keep the
systems running, repair faulty discs, install and debug new software,
upgrade existing systems, and generally take care of the computing
resources needed for their users to perform their tasks effectively. A
shorter definition is "A system administrator is one who manages
computers not solely for his or her own use". If you know the joys and
frustrations of this then feel free to come and visit one of our

The next London meeting will be 7:30pm Tuesday 8th May in the Essai lounge
at UCL. This month's speaker will be Michael Miller, a senior engineer for
a UK ISP. He will be leading a discussion on "Large Websites - how to 
design them and make them work".

Michael Miller will be covering the following topics: capacity planning,
server resources, security architecture, network infrastructure, highly
available configurations, physical set-up, backups and load testing.

SLLUG http://www.sllug.org.uk/

The South London Linux Users' Group is a regional LUG that may be of
interest to people that can't make the Central London ones or want to join
another mailing list dedicated to Linux.

For details of the June meeting you should see their website here:

FreeBSD UKUG http://www.freebsd-uk.eu.org/
The FreeBSD UKUG is a users' group based in the UK for UK FreeBSD UNIX
Users. No meetings have been announced yet this month but you can look for
details here http://www.freebsd-uk.eu.org/meetings.html

Outside London Events:

UKUUG Linux Developers' Conference:
This is on 29 June - 1 July 2001. It looks like one of the most fun
events this year and with the list of speakers attending it should be on
your essential list.

YAPC is "yet another Perl conference", with apologies to The Perl
Conference. This is an inexpensive, grassroots Perl conference with its
roots in the Perl Mongers Perl users groups, and is supported by Yet
Another Society.

This years conference is Thursday, 02/08/2001 -- 04/08/2001 and is located
in Amsterdam. More details can be found here:

Other Stuff:

Event Calendar:
Alasdair Kergon has come up with an essential resource for events all
around the country (And abroad!) If you have anything you'd like to get
added then you can speak to him at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Community Recognition:
In this section I'd like to include people or companies that have
contributed or helped one or more of the user groups in some way. A
lot of people quietly contribute time, money or effort and get no
recognition for it. This month I'd like to thank:

Veritas (Again) www.veritas.com
Veritas have once again earned the gratitude of GLLUG by going for the
stomach and sponsoring ANOTHER meal after a GLLUG event. Thanks go out
from all of us, especially the owner of the restaurant.

Computer Film Company & Framestore (www.framestore.co.uk)
These two very generous companies allowed GLLUG to use one of their 
private cinema's for a GLLUG technical event. Possibly one of the most
impressive meetings to date. 

State 51 (www.state51.co.uk)
State 51 have hosted a barrage of London PM Technical meetings with a 
smile, a lot of floor space and a ready beer. Nothing more could be asked

Sun (Have a guess)
Sun have covered the venue cost of multiple GLLUG meetings over the last
year and almost no-one knew. Add this to the fact that they employ Richard
Cohen, who's heavily involved in running GLLUG and a frequent speaker we
have a major contributor. And I'm almost willing to forgive them for Java ;)

Turtle Networks (www.turtle.net)
Turtle have the thankless (and difficult) job of organizing Lonix every
month and making sure that everyone has a hangover the day after. Add this
to their recent GNU/Linux installfests and you have a community devoted

Conway Hall
Merijn Broeren, Mike Davis, Paul Mison and Andy Williams dug deep into
their own pockets and stumped up the cost of the venue for Damian Conways
talk in London about Quantum::Superpositions and maintenance coding, or
Acme::Bleach as its now known.

Any comments (Good or bad), suggestions of groups to add or ideas for
recognition of services to London Community groups are welcome at

If your a member of one of the groups i spoke to after the last edition of
this many moons ago please drop me a note to get added.

Remember "use Buffy;"

Profanity is the one language all programmers understand
   --- Anon
All views in the above are my own.

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