Neil Ford noted:
> Quick bit of digging and I've found the following;
> [Heat Magazine, 19-25 May 2001]
> "The producers of Buffy, Fox TV, have offered ridiculous soundbites to justify
> switching TV networks in the US. The WB, home to Buffy since it's inception,
> did not match the "passion" and "vision" demonstrated by rival network UPN,
> which has secured the show for two years. The fact that UPN bid a total of
> $22 million more than WB wasn't mentioned by Fox.
> "UPN sontinued to show it's "vision" and "passion" with the $50,000 gift
> baskets it sent eight Buffy cast regulars to welcome them to their new
> network - which included Cristal champagne and a Cartier watch, Sarah
> Michelle Gellar - who once said she'd quit Buffy if it left WB, then retracted
> the comments - was given a Gucci necklace."
> Heat may not always be the most reliable rag, but it's ususally fairly
> accurate on this stuff.

Valley girls just like to have funds.


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