* Jonathan Stowe ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> On Sat, 2 Jun 2001, Matthew Robinson wrote:
> > [1] Don't ask me why I was watching Live & Kicking as I don't know the
> > answer
> >
> Oh we will ask you, and you are expected to make up some bulllshit however
> ludicrous,  now that Ant & Dec dont do it you cant say you fancy them ...

nah Jonathan, you got it wrong, they were on the other side on CD UK or
some such. they were actually quite entertaining with cat deally, however
you spell it, with them. i think they got moved to prime time, which
probably will be a one season wonder. as for live and kicking it seems
to have gone down the tubes badly, there is some american bloke who
really has a persona that makes you want to ram his head repeatedly into
plate glass until you break through and it also has that tart (i say
that in an accurate way) from the karaoke show with suggs. now i remember
the good old days of live and kicking with sarah green and pete and simon

ahhh halycon days 

Greg McCarroll                      

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