On Sun, 10 Jun 2001, Roger Horne wrote:

> I note that the whole idea of PKI has been questioned:
> http://www.counterpane.com/pki-risks.html

no no .. that can't be true .. if it were true it would mean that our
government and a large number of very powerful organisations had wasted
millions and millions [1] on a variety of PKI infrastructures that perform
no useful purpose .. no .. clearly it must just be the talk of some 'crazy
hacker' .. best ignore it.

now .. where was I .. oh yes .. 'so one of tailors said .. but Your
Majesty, it is the most wondeful set of clothes I have ever seen'...

[1] of my hard earned taxes! .. what is most irritating about the crazy
way in which you see money being flung about the large IT companies by
the ( minority ) govenrment we have is that it is our piggin money they
are wasting.

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