Tuesday, June 12, 2001, 2:55:38 PM, Chris Benson wrote:

CB> On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 08:15:36AM +0100, Robert Thompson wrote:
>> > From: Chris Benson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
>> >
>> > Why, when the sun is shining (almost) and there is a popular (?) govt.
>> > do I feel like I did in early/mid 70's: like the end of the 
>> > world was nigh?
>> Hmm, not sure... but is the feeling helped buy having someone in the White
>> House who has no real idea of foreign policy (and doesn't seem to care that
>> much), and is sitting at his desk thinking (and I use the term advisedly) -
>> 'I wonder what this big red button does...'

CB> Oh yes,  I vaguely thought on reading about the floods in "The South"
CB> that maybe this was supposed to be a message like "Repent your sins or
CB> I wash you off the face of the Earth".  If so it missed Washington DC 
CB> by about a 1,000 miles and Texas by 500.  It probably missed GWB by a
CB> couple of light years.

Missed Texas by 500 miles?  I think not.  I was in Houston.  Worst
place on earth.  I most definatly did NOT miss Texas.

And I wouldn't have been any happier had it hit DC instead.  I live
there, as do several million people who weren't elected to anything
(including dubya).

If you could localize the storm to a box bounded by D & 2nd SE and H
and 17th NW, I'd be ok with that.  Oh, and take out Georgetown too
while you're at it.


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