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> >         Now imagine a big field, with a treasure chest in the middle
> >         of it - this is your security.
> Now, imagine the chest is buried in the field, and no-one saw me bury
> it. This is my security.
> <Snip enormous security through obscurity tirade>
> However, after playing Baldurs Gate 2 all weekend, I'm obliged to say
> that really if you have a priceless artifact that you don't want
> found, the trick is to give to a peasant, because no adventurer is
> going to go round killing every peasant in the land to find the one
> with the treasure. See also the way diamonds are transported around
> Hatton Garden (i.e. in people's pockets, not in securicor vans).

Don't remind me. I used to work in Hatton Gardenm, and bought Gill's
engagement ring there. Well, that's not quite true, I bought the
*pieces* of Gill's engagement ring there. Which is a story in itself
that I'll tell at a London.pm social evening one time.

The scariest bit was handing over 400 or so worth of gem + gold to
the bloke who was going to turn it into a real ring. A bloke who I had
never met before that moment. Who was going to do the work for 15
quid. And he looked surprised when I asked for a receipt.

Piers Cawley

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