Le 12/10/2016 à 14:50, Roberto Benedetti a écrit :
hello, Clement. thanks for your patience.

my problem is not with the script that must be called but with the 
configuration to achieve that goal (the lsc.xml file, not the delete.sh script).

I'm testing the executable plugin with the enclosed lsc.xml configuration file 
and I am stuck with this error[1].
please notice that
- removing/commenting out the "BBDeactivateUsers" task, the LDAP server is 
properly synced;
- uncommenting that task I get the error even if running the other task 
("AASyncUsers") so I suspect I just misconfigured LSC.

I'm trying to sync an LDAP (destination) with data retrieved from an RDBMS 
to simplify the process, I made use of an SQLite database. I think my example 
is good enough since I get the very same error obtained against an Oracle 

could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong or provide a working lsc.xml 

See the connection reference in your BBDeactivateUsers task: you set "LDAP" instead of "executable".

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