Hi Wang,

You are correct. Though I wouldn't call it a goal but rather a 
benefit/advantage - same applies to SR-MPLS where the label stack can be 


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Hi authors:

After reading through this draft lsr-flex-algo, I want to know whether there is 
a potential goal of this draft to reduce the SRH size with enabling flex-algo 
with admin group in SRv6 deployment, because without flex-algo we have to have 
a big SRH size when the SRH include more SRv6 SIDs, if we enable flex-algo 
under special topology and link constraint condition, in theory we can even 
construct  a end to end SR path/tunnel without SRH, but it still meet TE 
requirement. So my question is whether the flex-algo can be used as tool to 
reduce SRH size?

Cheers !

WANG Weibin
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