I apologize for starting a new thread on this one,
but maybe bolder subject will get noticed :)

I was using Gnome keyboard switcher applet on LTSP 4.1
with a Fedora Core 4 server - no problems. After upgrade
to Fedora Core 5, any layout added to the switcher causes
X server crash on the client. Re-login - X crashes again.
After upgrade to LTSP 4.2 the problem persists. Yet,
keyboard switcher works on the Fedora Core 5 server itself.
So it is a Fedora Core 5-related issue that manifests when
using LTSP. The problem has been confirmed by Rasmus Ory Nielsen.

This can be something as trivial as change in the xorg directory
structure or layout naming. Or some deep X bug. I have no clue
have to determine *where* the problem is (Fedora Core 5 or LTSP).

Please help!

Leonid Dubinsky

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