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Thanks for taking the time to reply Laurence!

Yes, I'm running several sites via conventional web hosting. A few of my sites were originally hosted by Cedant, which was a very competent company. Cedant was then bought by aplus, which was then bought by Deluxe for Business, which seems to be clueless about a great number of things. Out of frustration with hosting companies, I'm thinking of just setting up my own box.

Rackspace's virtual boxes are insanely cheap and offer reliably good performance. Assuming I don't find anything better locally, I'll probably provision a Rackspace virtual server.


On 06/02/2012 09:11 AM, Laurence Laforga wrote:
Hi Jeff,

I haven't run into any local co-location companies that sell less than a 1U
rack space.  I think it would make more economical sense to sign up for a
web hosting account.

Good luck!

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Hi Guys!

I am frustrated with hosting companies not offering quite what I want,
or changing ownership and then features, or suffering from strangely slow
MySQL servers.  I'm wondering if there is a very very basic colocation
option in town that will give me an IP address on a pipe with low down-time, and UPS-backed power for me to plug a small box into. I don't need loads of monthly bandwidth or even a whole U in a rack. I just want to run a basic
Drupal site for a local company that doesn't get huge amounts of site
traffic. Something as simple as an Asus EeeBox is all I need. (No, really,
just a 2 GB RAM Atom box running Linux is more than enough).

Has anyone found a good local company that does this for a low monthly

Thanks for reading this and giving it some consideration, -Jeff

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I know of a colo and provider that is out of SanDiego CA who runs Linux and FreeBSD stuff. THey gave me help when I set up my own servers here in Wahiawa.

May be a contact to check out.

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