On 02.06.2012 04:01, Jeff Mings wrote:
...  I'm wondering if there is a very very
basic colocation option in town that will give me an IP address on a
pipe with low down-time, and UPS-backed power for me to plug a small
box into.  I don't need loads of monthly bandwidth or even a whole U
in a rack. I just want to run a basic Drupal site for a local company
that doesn't get huge amounts of site traffic. Something as simple as
an Asus EeeBox is all I need. [...]

LavaNet used to offer exactly this for customers back when I was involved with them, but that was a long time ago and I don't think the company now using that name does anything like it. I'm not aware of a direct equivalent offered in Hawaii; you'd have to call around the remaining local ISPs and
hosting services.

I can understand the companies that don't, as it is kind of a pain to deal with given the small amounts of money involved for a lot more work than is
needed to provision virtual servers and plain web hosting setups.

  -- Clifton

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