Thanks for the report.

Le lundi 15 février 2010 à 18:54 +0300, Mike Nokel a écrit :

> However, there are some minor problems:
> 1) a lot of errors when changing screensavers. It can be solved by
> creating directory /usr/share/backgrounds by default.

> 2) as was discussed earlier when clicking "Desktop Session Settings"
> the tab "Desktop" should be opened, not "Interface".
It's part of the pcmanfm2 integration, should be fixed at this point.

> 3) why have you choosen "xfburn" to include? I think that the most
> popular area for installing LXDE (and of course Lubuntu) are netbooks
> and they just don't have any CD/DVD-ROMs... In my opinion, it is
> unnecessary.
There is also old hardware with old CD burner. It's pretty common to
have a CD/DVD burner by default :)

> I have tested on my netbook HP 1233 - everything is working perfectly,
> and using by default 110 Mb out of 1Gb is impressive (with Ubuntu 9.10
> mini.iso + LXDE it uses after startup nearly 155 Mb). However, if
> there is xsplash I haven't seen it, may be because of my videocard
> (Via Chrome9), I don't know.
It's now plymouth which is used. It required kernel mode-settings,
available for ATI, Intel and for Nvidia via the nouveau driver. If it's
not available, you should fallback to a blue progress bar.

> I have also tried to run livecd on my notebook Asus M51TR. However,
> all that I have seen was Lubuntu logo for approximately 1 minute after
> what there came a kernel panic. I'll try to find solution but exactly
> now I don't know why it is happening so.
That will be interesting to test with a Ubuntu daily build, to see if
it's not a general problem for Lucid.

Julien Lavergne

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