> Hi.

I have found some time to install it on my computer. In general, everything
looks and works perfectly. However, there are some problems:
1) by default, there is no keyboard layout controller on the panel. I think,
that it should be there. A lot of people uses it in everyday's life.
2) as for battery monitor on the panel: it should be visible by default.
This empty space looks really strange.
3) there is still pcmanfm 0.5.2, not pcmanfm2(
4) you have included "osmo" as a default program. My friends and me haven't
heard about this program before. And in everyday life may be it is not so
necessary to be included, I think.
5) without installing packages "xscreensaver-gl", "xscreensaver-gl-extra",
"xscreensaver-data-extra" I see a lot of error messages telling me that
there is no directory "/usr/share/backgrounds". It is annoying.
6) when I launch lxterminal, appeared the window without any string like
this: "ubu...@ubuntu:~/". But when you hit any key on the keyboard it
appears unexpectably.
7) some buttons such as "OK", "Cancel" just don't work (only hitting "Close
Window" helped me to close the windows). It is so when you are configuring
panel for example.
8) you have used LXDM as a login manager. It is perfect, but it has serious
     - when I enable autologin on it, I just can't switch my keyboard layout
by hitting on the applet on the panel. Only typing "sudo lxpanelctl restart"
helped me.
     - there is no gui-program to configure LXDM yet. For a lot of people it
will be hard to understand what do if they want enable "autologin" or so on.
     - using LXDM I can't modify PATH variable (even modifying file
/etc/profile), so I can't play any games using menu (Menu->Games->...). It
won't work.
9) sound card by default doesn't work. So, I have gone to alsa-project.org,
downloaded the latest driver, lib and utils, installed it. Run "sudo
alsaconf" and after reboot I heart the sound.
10) I've got ati radeon 4670 video, but when I tried to install
"xorg-driver-fglrx", it tells me that he wants to remove xorg with all its
dependencies. Strange behaviour. So, I have only poor 3D now(
11) I've tried to install fskbsetting. But when launching it gives me
"segmentation fault". I don't know why.
12) May be there should be some games, at least some gnome-games?

So, this is my first experience.

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