Am 01.03.2010 um 18:42 schrieb Sylkis <>:

maybe a promt that automatically launches after loading live session,
saying that this is a live session :), what are the consequences of
that (efficiency worse than on regular install, loss of settings each
boot, etc - but being able to look around the system without any
changes on computer) and that the tutorial and installation process
may be launched by clicking the specific icon placed on desktop?

That would Be okay and useful. We should add that.
2010/3/1 Steve <>:
On Mon, 01 Mar 2010 16:44:15 -0000, Leszek Lesner < >


what about small short screen-cast tutorials about lubuntu ?
       -Showing the installation process
       -Basic Desktop
       -Basic File management

What do you think about this idea ? Maybe (if we have enough space left)
we can also pack some of this videos directly onto the livecd ?

I think that might not be a bad idea, as long as they are kept
An icon on the desktop 'About Lubuntu' or something?

aren't there some tutorials on the ubuntu livecd? I never watched them. And I think many people also don't watch them cause they first want to try if they find everything without help. 10 mb more to download makes a really long time with a slow Internet connection. But anyway, we should make these tutorials: if the others vote for including them, we should include them - but I could also imagine a special startpage for chromium that has a big button "new to lubuntu?" and links to these tutorials, some wikis and so on. Like that, everyone could decide whether to use the help. Best regards, Jo.

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