Using Lubuntu 10.10. When I close my Laptop (pull the screen/lid down to
close it) it goes into a standby mode where I must press my now blinking
on/off button to restart it. I want to have it so my laptop stays on.
The screen by default will probably turn off (that seems hardwired into
the hardware) but other than that I want control over this. Most flavors
of Unbuntu easily have control over this by GUI menus but I don't see
any way in Lubuntu. Is there a way?

With a Synaptics touchpad. Moving the finger along the right edge of the
touchpad acts as a scroll wheel. If the cursor is not in any app window
but is in open desktop area - then this scrolling action will transport
one to a different desktop. I have two desktops enabled so by moving the
the finger along the side up/down I go from Desktop1 to Desktop2 and
back. This deadly for me and causing much hair pulling. I am in the
middle of doing something and desktop will change. No matter how careful
I am this eventually happens. So for the sake of sanity I have only one
desktop. I'd like multiple desktops but I need to turn-off this
scrolling feature. I've seen some hacks in config files but they either
don't work or have side effects. I want to keep the scrolling in windows
were the touchpad scrolling really helps. I just want to turn-off the
scrolling between desktops only. I can't find a GUI in Lubuntu to do
this. Is there a way that works that anyone knows?

When I double click on a text file (txt extension) nothing happens. I do
that with a .doc and Abiword opens the  file. I think there's no program
associated with the txt extension. I'd like Gedit to open the file and
be default program. How do I do this? Related maybe - Say there's a text
file on the web with a link to download it. If I click the link the
default program to open is "Virus Scanner"(?). I choose and find the
path to Gedit the "Always use this to open this kind of file" checkbox
is checked and grayed out. Gedit opens the file but the preference does
not stick. 


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