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> Using Lubuntu 10.10. I've uninstalled Apache through Synaptic (I also
> previously installed it through Synaptic) - so Apache is not istalled -
> but when the update manager runs it offers many updates related to
> Apache.

Apache comes in many packages.  Are you sure you uninstalled all of them?
I suspect some remain installed on your system and so are being updated.

What does

  dpkg -l apache\* libapache\* |grep ^ii

output?  This should be a list of packages starting with the text
"apache" or "libapache" that are still installed on your machine.  If
appropriate, you can then sudo apt-get purge any such packages that you
do not want on your machine any longer.

> Could there be any "residue", left over config in my home directory
> causing this?

Not in your home directory, but in the package database :)

> In maybe a related event upon logging in I had options related with my
> home dir config that I had deleted days ago. ...
> I can not recreate the problem...

If you cannot recreate it, the chances anyone else will be able to help
you with it are very low.

> When I am in the (not sure what it's called) at the very top of a window
> theres usually x _ and box, x will close the window, _ will minimize -
> the top colored tool bar of a window. When I place my cursor there and
> with the laptop scroll area strip begin to scroll the whole window rolls
> up and down according to the scrolling. How do I disable this?

I'll leave this one for others to answer.  Incidentally, it is usually
easier for those helping you if you report one issue per email or per
bug report :)

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