I'm not very fan of a change unless we have a strong consensus for another 
browser. But, this is my opinion :
- We should only consider Chromium or Firefox, because they have a strong 
upstream and are well maintained. Browser is a very important part of a system, 
and we really don't have time to do maintenance on it. Adopting Midori for 
example, means we have to do the maintenance on Ubuntu (triage bugs, testing, 
maybe some packaging ...).
- Benchmark are needed, because just saying it's light, doesn't mean it's 
always light. Also, the memory usage for Chromium is special, because it shares 
memory (there is an article from a dev of Chromium somewhere in the Web which 
explain it).
- Finally, it needs to be light on old hardware. Remember, it's the main target 
for Lubuntu. So far, Chromium seems better on this type of machine.

So far, I don't see advantages to switch to Firefox. Of course, if the 
benchmarks show a real difference, I may reconsider my opinion.

Julien Lavergne

On Sat, 5 Nov 2011 15:47:26 +0100
"A. Andjelkovic" <andjelko...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I wanted to bring up the discussion about replacing Chromium with Firefox
> in 12.04.
> I'm not sure if this was discussed on UDS, but in my opinion, this is worth
> looking into.
> Firefox has reduced it's memory usage dramatically, and I'm currently
> trying out Firefox 7 as a replacement.
> I do not have detailed memory benchmarks (yet!), but I will definitely do
> some benchmarks in the near future.
> However, I'm pretty sure Firefox has better (lower) memory usage when
> having several tabs open (more than 3).
> Other reasons to switch:
> GTK3
> Better desktop integration (Chromium themeing is limited and hard to
> include as default)
> What do you guys think?

Julien Lavergne <gi...@ubuntu.com>

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