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If some of you think conky is not accurate then let's ignore it but still, I'm having two different readings.
As I understand it the "top" object in conky should be just like the command top. My experience says it's way off.
Anyway, lovinglinux, an add-on developer for Firefox and Ubuntu Forum Moderator has suggested to use "about:memory".
This works in both applications. In Firefox, the vsize and resident measurements track well with VM-Size and RSS in lxtask.

In Chromium, it redirects to chrome://memory-redirect/ and will even list other browsers. While this would be a boon for testing, as it wouldn't require another program to view its memory usage, it seems to be slightly off (~2-4MB low) in terms of reporting resident usage of Firefox. <chrome://memory-redirect/>

Regarding itself, I'm not too shocked it's off due to the fact that the memory used to report the memory isn't included. However, even though it breaks down the various processes, it seems to grossly under-report. For the main chromium-browser process ("Browser" in about:memory) it's off by about 20MB; the secondary one ("Sandbox Helper") about 7MB; the chromium-browse process ("Tab") about 17MB; and the chromium-browser -type=zygote process ("Zygote") about 7MB. <chrome://memory-redirect/>

So in the end, it's not reliable. And because we can't use tools inside BOTH browsers to check memory usage, I suggest we forget about using about:memory. <chrome://memory-redirect/>

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