SPES is (was, says Mathew, oh no,  that's sad news!) a publisher of
   beautiful and affordable facsimile editions of early music. They have
   (had) many books of lute music in their catalogue, some bundled in a
   box. Like the three books by Kapsberger mentioned.

   On Monday, 19 September 2016, Katalin Koltai
   <[1]katalinkol...@gmail.com> wrote:

   Dear David
   Thank you so much.
   Get the box from SPES means..?

   David van Ooijen <[2]davidvanooi...@gmail.com> (idAApont: 2016. szept.
   19., H, 14:48) ezt Arta:

        Dear   Katalin
        Libro Primo D'Intavolatura di Chitarone (Venzia,1604) has the
        Toccata Arpeggiata by Kapsberger. Get the box from SPES   and you
        play the whole book, as well as the libro primo for lute and the
         quarto for Chitarone. Should keep you busy for a while.
        On Monday, 19 September 2016, Katalin Koltai
        <[1][3]katalinkol...@gmail.com> wrote:
             Dear All
             I would like to learn Kapsberger Toccata arpeggiata.
             What is the original source?
             Can some of you give me the music score/tabulature?
             Also, I am interested to learn more solo music for theorbo
             archlute, so if any of you have suggestions for me, I would
             Thank you on advance.
             Best regards,
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