little squeaky lutes in A are very likely a modern anachronism, considering that the majority of voices work much better with larger lutes tuned a whole 3rd lower - to E, or even D.

On 10/15/2016 2:55 PM, Matthew Daillie wrote:
On 15/10/2016 19:23, Ron Andrico wrote:

It's nice to know you keep up with our blog, although I expect that you
    would direct your commentary there instead of this forum. We always
    appreciate thoughtful and respectful commentary.

In your comment, you skew the point to support the idea that the lute was presumed to be tuned in A. Granted, historical reference pitches
    have never been hard and fast, and there is absolutely no reason to
presume that A=440 or A=415 had anything to do with historical pitch,
    particularly on lutes and other fretted or unfretted stringed

Perhaps an excess of bile prompts your other commentary, which again is
    a stretch just to make your points.  While it is a matter of taste,
    high G is not a particularly pleasant sound to hear, particularly in
    music meant for the chamber.   Read some of the source material on
    vocal range and production from the era and get back to me on this
    after you have informed yourself.

    We chose the title "Airs de Court" for our 2005 CD, Divine Amarillis
because that is the term Besard used in his 1603 print, which preceded Bataille's versions published by Ballard. True, the term was applied
    earlier in LeRoy's book, but Besard was a pioneer in the genre.

    Now, if you have anything else you'd like to get off your chest, you
    are welcome to comment on our blog rather than this forum.

As you publicise your blog entry every single Saturday on this forum, it only seems logical to respond on the forum. I can assure you that I know numerous singers who can easily render G with ease, elegance and no shortage of emotion, all the more so if the instrument is in G and at a'415. My 'court' comment was tongue in cheek but thank you for the erudite response. Maybe if you spent less time criticising others and setting yourself up as an example to follow, I would be less keen to set the record straight.

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