Dear Robert,

I understand that "Unser Magdt kan aussdermassen" is the same tune as "Unsere 

According to Brown it should be discussed in Böhme: "Altdeutsches Liederbuch : 
Volkslieder der Deutschen nach Wort und Weise aus dem 12. bis zum 17. Jahrhundert"

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Rainer aus dem Spring


If you can't access this book I might go to the University library in 
Duesseldorf - they have two copies.

On 08.02.2018 00:03, Robert Barto wrote:
    Hi all,

    Some of the easiest pieces in early German tab books are:

    Hast du mich genommen (Madonna Katerina) and  Unsere Koechin kann aus
    der massen kochen

    Does anyone have the texts or know more about  these songs? (I have the
    first two volumes of Forster and have

    looked in a few other collections on IMSLP , but haven't found them.)

    Thanks, Robert

    Virenfrei. [1]



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