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> On Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 09:43:46PM +1100, russ...@coker.com.au wrote:
>> I encourage anyone with Android phones in such situations to give them
>> to the LUV hardware library.  Even 5yo Android phones are nice little
>> embedded Linux systems that can be used for running your own programs.

Most older phones are good for something, but not with their original
stock Android -- that wouldn't be safe to use; however, CM can go on
many older phones, but sometimes that means that certain features are

A less old phone can make great value and not be 5 years old.

> they also make nice WIFI VOIP handsets if you're running asterisk or
> similar, especially if you've got a charging dock so that they can stand
> upright.  Makes a quite decent alarm clock too.

Yes, I use an old Nokia E71 as an alarm clock... battery lasts a long time.

> most android phones will work in WIFI-only mode without a SIM card.

The E71 has a strange "feature", the WiFI only works if you have a SIM
card inserted -- the SIM doesn't need to be active though.

> I'm still using my old HTC Desire HD, but i'll probably replace it
> sometime in the next few years. When i do, i'll keep using it as a WIFI
> handset for asterisk until the battery dies.



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