I have lxc 0.7.2 on openSUSE 11.2, which is kernel 2.6.31

I get this all the time on my other boxes which up to now have been lxc 
0.6.5 on the same kernel, but I've lived with it by just trying to never 
reboot containers, and only using containers for services that can stand 
to be rebooted so that I can actually reboot the host and thus all 
containers if I have to.

Now I have a few containers on another box with lxc 0.7.2 and the user 
of one of the containers tried to reboot his vps and it can't restart 
because there are cgroups files that can't be deleted. tasks file is 
empty in that cgroups directory,
nj9:~ # cat /cgroup/nj10-014/tasks |od
nj9:~ #
but there are several pid subdirectories with files in each. They can't 
be deleted.
lxc-ps -elf shows no processes in that container.

lxc-ls shows no containers at all, although definitely one other 
container is running and working and has processes in lxc-ps.

And I can't really reboot the host this time without telling a lot of 
paying customers to get out and stop working for a while.

I could probably get this container back up temporarily by just renaming 
it so it doesn't collide with the stale cgroups files, but the question 
is, I thought this was fixed? was it a kernel bug and I need a newer 
kernel to clear this up ?


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