Quoting Brian K. White (br...@aljex.com):
> !!!!! wait, you are saying just ignore the fact that there are files in 
> the directories and try to remove the directories, uh directly?
> nj9:~ # find /cgroup/nj10-014 -type d -delete
> nj9:~ # ls -lR /cgroup/nj10-014
> ls: cannot access /cgroup/nj10-014: No such file or directory
> !!!! It never even slightly occured to me to try that!!!!!
> Thanks! Now I know what to put in the release agent too. Awsome. Thanks 
> again.

Sorry, I should have said that more explicitly from the start, because
clearly it's not something a reasonable person would expect.

And I do think lxc should clean that up.  If I get a moment next
week I'll whip up a patch.

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