it is the same problem as I have may be:


I don't know what can I do with it.

Server reboot is necessary ...

I have Ubuntu 10.04 x64 server.

Best regards,


Dne 5.11.2010 18:14, Brian K. White napsal(a):
> I have lxc 0.7.2 on openSUSE 11.2, which is kernel 2.6.31
> I get this all the time on my other boxes which up to now have been lxc
> 0.6.5 on the same kernel, but I've lived with it by just trying to never
> reboot containers, and only using containers for services that can stand
> to be rebooted so that I can actually reboot the host and thus all
> containers if I have to.
> Now I have a few containers on another box with lxc 0.7.2 and the user
> of one of the containers tried to reboot his vps and it can't restart
> because there are cgroups files that can't be deleted. tasks file is
> empty in that cgroups directory,
> nj9:~ # cat /cgroup/nj10-014/tasks |od
> 0000000
> nj9:~ #
> but there are several pid subdirectories with files in each. They can't
> be deleted.
> lxc-ps -elf shows no processes in that container.
> lxc-ls shows no containers at all, although definitely one other
> container is running and working and has processes in lxc-ps.
> And I can't really reboot the host this time without telling a lot of
> paying customers to get out and stop working for a while.
> I could probably get this container back up temporarily by just renaming
> it so it doesn't collide with the stale cgroups files, but the question
> is, I thought this was fixed? was it a kernel bug and I need a newer
> kernel to clear this up ?

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