Jean-Marc Lasgouttes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

| >>>>> "Lars" == Lars Gullik Bjønnes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
| Lars> | cxx 6.1: OK. | | Lars> IMO if this works we should begin using
| Lars> a LyX namespace right | Lars> away. We have already had the sqrt
| Lars> clash. | | I'd rather avoid it for now :)
| Lars> The pity, is that now we use structs to hack around not using
| Lars> namespaces...
| Yes, but in the case of sqrt, naming a pixmap like that is stupid,
| anyway... I do not really see the advantage of defining LyX::sqrt
| instead of LyX_sqrt (or better sqrt_xpm).

I agree on this specific case.


would be nice...

as would


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