Thanks Alex for sharing this tool. The example page looks promising.

On 2009-03-08, Pavel Sanda wrote:
> Alex Fernandez wrote:
>>perhaps as an embedded converter

> two keys issues for this question

>   as for math i dont believe that latex math possibilities would be
>   easy to do completely in html.  latex2html pictures way is perhaps
>   the better one.

I don't think so. While there are cases where pictures are the way to

 * You cannot copy and past from the pictures,
 * printing gives poor results as the pictures are bitmaps and
   most often the resolution is poor.
 * downloading one document will either result in many many files or
   missing equations.

HTML + CSS is one alternative that will work better for many cases.
(BTW: Tth is also using HTML + CSS.)

Using the full range of Unicode Math characters will result in better
looking formulae at the expense of missing out users without fonts
with comprehensive math support.

Also, MathML is more and more supported. So there is need for a
MathML-emitting converter (a Python LaTeX-math to MathML converter is
e.g. available in the Docutils Sandbox).

>> Let me know what you think.

> starting with publishing somewhere on web is perpahs the way to go now.
> some advert can be put in our wiki, users mailing list etc.

As it is a Python package, you could consider for the publishing.

The LyX Wiki has support for user-provided files as well, so you could
upload a zipped archive along the description (but maybe a link to the
git repository is sufficient if completed with a description how to
download the stuff from there).

For publicity, a page on the LyX Wiki is IMO the right way.

Instead of embedding, the common approach for supported external tools
can be taken:

  At the time the converter is 

  * sufficiently complete and stable to be a viable alternative to the
    "established" ones not only for you
  * available for the public.
  the LyX configuration script should recognise it and add it to the
  list of export tools.

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