there finally is a solution in sight for the long-standing issue that some Mac 
users have with the swapped role of the Meta and Control keys in Qt. I have 
summarized my preliminary ideas on the LyX Wiki page dedicated to this topic,

There is no need to patch Qt, only a small change to LyX is needed as described 

So my question to the LyX dev team would be: could you add a preference item 
that lets the user set some flag, so that the call  
can be made dependent on that flag? Maybe the simplest place to put this in 
would be not in the Preferences, but in the Mac-only part of the LyX menu. But 
on the other hand, that wouldn't look very consistent - so the Preferences, 
under "Keyboard/Mouse" would perhaps be the most logical location where to add 
such a flag. Any ideas on that would be great - I'm sure it should be possible 
to add a little extra button somewhere. 

That would finally give users a choice how to use command and control keys in 
LyX on the Mac - and I know that this is a problem people are struggling with, 
because I have received emails thanking me for the patched binaries that I have 
been posting at the LyX Wiki (the modifier key switch was up to now done by 
patching Qt itself, but this new proposal would finally go beyond the hacking 


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