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> I am attempting to build LyX on OS X for testing purposes, not distribution.
> I have all of the prerequisites installed via MacPorts except possibly Qt, as 
> described below.

The installation of Qt on the build machine is possible in three different ways.
1. The installer from Qt
2. The MacPorts package (or similar 3rd-party package tool)
3. Build from source

I think you may choose any of them to get a working LyX. I'm using the 3rd way 
That way I can build a package with autotools and a private Qt framework 
bundled with LyX.
Such a bundle is the only way to provide a LyX for Mac users without forcing 
them to
download and install the Qt-packages themselves or installing MacPorts.

Regarding the Qt4 vs Qt5 question: I recommend to use the Qt5 packages.
Although it's possible to get the sources for 4.8.x it's not the future.
Unfortunately all the Mac version of Qt5 has some nasty bugs. Some developers
using Qt for their software packages decided to stick with 4.8.x therefore.
(I've read this in Qt-blogs and comments on Qt5-releases. ATM I have no links.)
In case you're interested in Retina-support you have to use Qt5 anyway.

> I have done the git checkout and am looking at INSTALL.MacOSX.

Another source of information is the script 

> The download link(s) in INSTALL.MacOSX for Qt are out of date, listing a 
> trolltech web site and a Nokia FTP site. I found and downloaded a OS X 
> installer from which promises to 
> download binaries and source. Will this work? Can I download only binaries? I 
> have not proceeded with this step because…

I did not try that. But on a Mac it should be possible. A Mac framework comes 
with all header files to compile and link your own software against it. To be 
able to step into the Qt-code you'll need the debug-version of the frameworks. 
The source package is only needed for the 3rd option mentioned above.

> ...INSTALL.MacOSX says to install Qt 4 but the site provides an 
> installer only for Qt 5 with a pre-built option for only 64-bit. Will Qt 5 
> work? If not, where can I get Qt 4?…

Yes, Qt5 will work. There is no 32bit support for Qt anymore. It simply fails 
to compile if you try it.
For Qt4 you have to compile the frameworks yourself - option 3 above.

> ...I already have Qt installed on my machine via MacPorts which reports that 
> I have qt4-mac 4.8.7_0 as the active installation. qt5-mac 5.4.2 is available 
> but not installed. Will a MacPorts version of Qt work? How?

Again, I didn't try that. For local development it should work. I failed to 
build a distribution package with it in the past because of the massive 
MacPorts dependencies LyX acquires that way.

> If anything I have said above makes it look like I have a clue what I am 
> doing it is wrong--I'm at least 50% clueless here.

Which version/installation of Qt you'll use is determined by the --with-qt-dir 
switch for autotools builds.
In case you're using cmake as build system you have to set your PATH variable 
The directory where qmake is installed should come first, e.g. my cmake build 
scripts contains
export PATH="/Users/Shared/LyX/qt-5.4.2-frameworks-cocoa-x86_64/bin:${PATH}"

Regards, Stephan

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