On 15.10.2016 08:41, racoon wrote:
For some reason I can't reach the lyx.org is it down?

Anyway, I'll just re-post my patch here since it might have gone
unnoticed. I know that the cure I suggest isn't perfect, but as far as I
can see it works. The problem seems quite bad so it seems much better
having this patch rather than leaving it as it is.

The discussion was here:

On a related note. I just saw that, in contrast to leading spaces, multiple spaces are not automatically changed into one space.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a freespacing inset, e.g. a Program Listing
2. Insert text with multiple spaces in between or at the end
3. Copy and paste from the inset into the main text
4. Leave the paragraph

Actual result:
- Multiple spaces are not changed into one space

Expected result:
- They are

- Once having multiple spaces in the main text one can actually copy and paste them without them getting removed - I am not sure whether the spaces should be removed straight away on pasting or only after leaving the paragraph

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