Le 18/09/2019 à 17:17, Pavel Sanda a écrit :
I believe asking Liviu for exact recipy of how he did ubuntu daily builds
for master would lead to daily builds with stable rather easily...
> Maybe he would even give us access to
> https://launchpad.net/~lyx-devel/+archive/ubuntu/daily
> if we had ubuntu machine where to compile the builds.

That is what I thought :) So I asked, and Liviu gave me access to launchpad and sent a link to advice he once gave for another program:

I have to admit that I got scared by the whole thing. I do not have enough time to warp my head around this process...

I am very grateful to Liviu for creating the 1.3.3 builds, I am not even able to do that (naively, I though that the launchpad machinery would build everything from a tar.gz and a textfile...).

If you create an account to launchpad, I'd be happy to welcome you to the party.

I think I could setup debian repo with daily builds with reasonable amount
of effort if I could get +3 people to promise they will actually use that...

I do not know how many debian users we have, actually.


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