On most Linux-distros you won't be able to properly boot since
the root filesystem ist usually mounted read-only. Remounting
it as read-write will fail when /dev/null is not present (at least in SuSE).

So start you system in single user mode, log in as root on the console,
do a 'mount -o remount /' an then recreate /dev/null. then you can reboot
or use init to go to your preferred runlevel.

This bug bit me couple of times when I set up my new Laptop. I never
suspected the configure-script and chased the bug for a week.



For anyone who needs to recover, On my RedHat 8.0 machine /dev/null is a
character device with major mode 1, minor mode 3 and mode a+rw - use mknod
to make a new one. On Solaris, it's a soft link to
/devices/pseudo/mm@0:null - use ln to recreate.


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