>>>>> "Richard" == Richard A Bilonick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Richard> Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
>> >>>>> "Richard" == Richard A Bilonick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Richard> I'm making a report and I'm using subsection titles (without
Richard> numbers). If I use section titles I get huge (IMO)
Richard> titles. The bibliography title is also huge. I'm just making
Richard> "standard" (for us) reports with 1" margins all around.
Richard> Maybe the question should be, can I change the font size of
Richard> all section titles (headings?)?
>>  You should try out other text classes like paper or the
>> koma-script package. In the later case, you can use the
>> 'smallheadings' global document class (in Layout->Document) to get
>> smaller ones (I never tried it myself).
>> Similarly, the paper class allows you to change the font used for
>> sections. You will need to write a bit of LaTeX commands, though...
>> As far as your problem is concerned, you can just do
>> \let\section=\subsection in Layout->LaTeX Preamble, and all
>> sections (including bibliography) will be in fact subsections. This
>> will do the trick, but it is ugly IMHO.
>> JMarc

Richard> Jean-Marc,

Richard> I was somewhat mistaken in my description, however, your
Richard> solution showed me what to do. I paraphrased it as:

Richard> \let\chapter=\section

Richard> in the layout -> preamble.

That's right.

Richard> In the future I will explore your other comments. I'm using
Richard> report but I guess I should be using paper. I'm relatively
Richard> new to latex and lyx, so some things are still a bit
Richard> confusing. I'm extremely impressed with the functionality of
Richard> LyX and LaTeX.

Using an appropriate document class is always a better idea than this
kind of kludges... If you do not like how chapters look, you should
use the article class, where section is the toplevel heading.


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